Dustin Revere

was born in the San Francisco Bay area to an artistic family. His mother is a weaver and his father a master goldsmith. From a young age Dustin was always interested in art and entrepreneurship. He started to hone his creative ability at the early on as well, working with his father to create jewelry. By the time Dustin finished high school he was proficient at ceramics and photography.

In 1995 Dustin started making glass pipes becoming one of the first glass pipe makers. For the next 7 years, Dustin traveled around Europe and the United States learning from some of the best classical glassblowers in the world.

In 2006 Dustin Revere founded the first glass school in the world that taught both pipe making and classical glass techniques together. This was the first school to offer advanced pipe making workshops. While running Revere Glass, Dustin was the first to offer an online streaming workshop in 2010. Starting in 2013 he pioneered online glass instruction through his YouTube channel Revere Glass which has over 4.5 million views. It is now the 2nd most subscribed-to glass channel on the platform, behind the multi-billion dollar corporation Corning.

Dustin has traveled to many countries to teach glass pipe making, helping people all over the globe launch a glass culture. In 2007 and 2009 he was awarded 1st and 2nd place at the Eugene glass school flame off competition. Dustin has had over 10,000 students come through his brick and mortar facility in Berkeley, CA. These include both pipe making intensive classes and short introduction classes taught to the general public.

Dustin closed Revere Glass at the end of 2017 to focus on his own work. He has built a private glassblowing studio and private jewelry studio called Molten Arts. He lives in Berkeley, CA with his two sons Shiloh and Sage



Dustin's Private studio

Students that are interested in a more intimate one on one environment with the master lamp worker can now come to beautiful Berkeley California to work with Dustin Revere in his private studio.  Spend up to 5 days watching, learning, and engaging with Dustin on how to learn techniques and skillsets of your choice.  Any level of experience is welcome.  Your class will include 8 hours of working with Dustin one on one per day, with 24 hour access to the studio to practice.  Included in the price will be a private room for you, with meals included.  Private studio time does not include travel costs.  If interested, please inquire at Dustin@revereglass.com for questions and scheduling.

Your studio

 Dustin is also available for private and public studio space classes, teaching in either a class setting with a group, or one on one individually in a home studio.  If you're self taught, want to expand your skill set, have a school, or have a group of friends who are lamp workers who are interested in learning more, Dustin can come to you to teach classes and hold workshops.  International teaching is also available.  Learn at your own pace in your own environment, and get to implement the techniques offered in the comfort of your local or home studio.  Dustin Revere will work with you for 8 hours or more a day, and can also guide you on best practices for your shop and setup to help you grow into a brilliant lamp worker. If interested, please inquire at Dustin@revereglass.com for questions and scheduling.