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Torches Buyer's Guide

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

When starting out in glass blowing, people often come across the issue of picking what torch to buy for themselves. I've created this guide with the intention of helping you pick out the best torch based on your use cases.

The pure variety of torches for glass blowing can be overwhelming for anyone who isn't familiar with the market and differences between products. Use this guide to figure out what torch is right for you!

Additionally, get a small discount off your first purchase with Mountain Glass Arts when you mention Revere Glass!


Bethelham Alpha

Bethelham Bravo

Bethelham Champion

Carlisle CC

GTT Cheeta

GTT Cricket

GTT Delta Elite

GTT Lynx

GTT Mirages

GTT Phantom

GTT Phantom Dual-Stage Hand Torch

Nortel Minor Burner

Nortel Red Max

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