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  • Bi-monthly new class videos
  • Make projects with group or at your own pace
  • Join the online community focused on helping YOU improve
  • Access the virtual Revere Glass glassblowing studio

What Students Are Saying

Kenneth W.

The community that Dustin has created with his online school has facilitated eager discussion on glass art and pipe making in my life and has brought together an amazing group of fellow students.


Dustin is like my first guitar teacher, he creates a foundation for each glass blower to build from. And this foundation Dustin helps us build is absolutely concrete, everything for success is instilled in his ways of teaching. Each thing we learn is a solid way to do something but it’s not the only way. We are encouraged to learn the techniques and build from them. It was frustrating at first because it seemed very difficult. But after sticking with it, and pushing through I can honestly say the methods Dustin has been teaching are absolutely critical to a solid foundation in glass blowing.

When you're finally serious about improving your skills. Come see Dustin . He can help u with everything from the correct fundamentals... to the theory of the exercise and the history behind the technique ... an honest open perspective and willingness to actually see your skills improve is something to be cherished in the glass community

Collie M.

Learn at your own pace with video projects, ranging from fundamentals to advanced techniques. 

Get access to a library of education and instructive videos about pieces from marbles, to pipes.  



  • Watch from anywhere in the world
  • Feels like a master glass blower in your shop with you
  • 8 hour class with 30 day replay
  • Live Q&A and interaction with teacher all day
  • Make the Demo while you watch from anywhere in the world
  • 4 1080p camera angles with seamless angle-switching
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What Students Are Saying

Jeff B.

After 3 Years of being on the torch and all my experiences I have to say this class was structured very well and the info was top notch. If their were any issues they were addressed immediately. This was my 2nd class and i feel it has revolutionized how i see glass as a whole medium and a community. This class helped inspire a new level of precision out of me and attention to details. Highly suggest beginners to masters alike utilize a workshop space like this that dustin and revere glass have created.

Dale H.

This is my third workshop and I really must say, these classes have become church. The views, the angles, and the personalities that are sharing their talents and secrets on the “how to” has been nothing short of amazing. Gratitude 🙏🏼 💯💯

Zeke S.

The class was incredible. Extremely high quality video with multiple camera angles and seamless transitions. It felt like I could see better than if I was there in person. Getting to ask questions throughout was great too. A really incredible value.



  • Direct access and connection to Dustin Revere
  • Bi-monthly live class and Q&A
  • Join the online community focused on helping YOU improve
  • Access the virtual Revere Glass glassblowing studio

Get your questions answered in a classroom learning environment that gives you direct connection to Dustin Revere. 

Join online video meetings with limited capacity, and leave no questions unanswered in your glassblowing journey.



  • Group Class Rooms
  • Join other people from all around the world learning the same things as you are right now
  • Gain Access to the virtual Glass Studio
  • Join the online community focused on helping YOU improve
  • Participate in Projects Challenges
  • Works on any Device Anywhere in the World
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  • Participate in group glassblowing challenges to grow and refine your skills.
  • Get access to the Challenge forums, where you can post and keep up with fellow members
  • Included with all paid memberships

Use dedicated course discussions to share your work, ask questions, and connect with fellow students.

Enroll in courses that are designed to teach you various techniques that will make you more confident in your skill.


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